Belgrade Metropolitan University, Open University of the Netherlands and Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Science, organized the Seventh International Conference on eLearning 2019, held 26. – 27. September, 2019 at Belgrade Metropolitan University, Belgrade, Serbia.

The conference brought together experts in the field of eLearning from 11 countries, including the countries from the region. They shared their experiences, presented new developments in this field, as well as discussed about innovative methods in the field of eLearning.

This year, the Conference was focused on:

  • Personalized e-learning
  • Blended learning
  • Legal aspects of eLearning
  • E-assessment
  • E-learning for students with disabilities
  • E-learning in corporations
  • Pedagogical models for e-learning

At the beginning with the words of welcome and presentation about importance of eLearning Conference, attendees were addressed by Rector of the Metropolitan University, Professor Dragan Domazet who officially opened the Conference, emphasizing the importance of using eLearning system in Serbia.

“This is the Tenth conference in a row and I want to thank all the speakers and participants, as well as our partners, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, Open University of the Netherlands Mathematical Institute SANU, which have contributed to the conference to be organized at the highest level. As one of the pioneers in the field of Internet studies, Belgrade Metropolitan University constantly wants to keep up with the latest technology and teaching methods in this field. By exchanging experiences with colleagues from developed countries on conferences like these, our teachers are able to transfer their knowledge to online students in the best way possible, providing them the treatment they could get only at the finest universities in the world”, said Prof. Dr. Dragan Domazet, Rector of Metropolitan.

The Tenth eLearning Conference at Metropolitan University has once again put a spotlight on one of the most important topics when it comes to studying, because education has been considered a two-way process for a very long time, involving the students in various online methods. Study programs are tailored to the needs of an individual, while combined methods of studying and online learning in companies are slowly becoming a part to our educational system and will be more available in the future. Therefore, the eLearning Conference dealt with different features of technical concept and design of this study method, as well as its pedagogical and psychological aspects, and held a roundtable on the topic “Legal aspects of eLearning”

eLearning 2019 – Conference Proceedings

eLearning 2019 – Conference papers