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The ELEARNING-2023 International Conference convened experts from business, public, and academic domains involved in e-learning system development, technology integration in education, and diverse teaching methodologies for distance learning. Attendees gained insights into cutting-edge topics including the utilization of artificial intelligence and machine learning in education, challenges and opportunities posed by their implementation, data processing and visualization in education, assessment methodologies, integration of innovative technologies like gamification and virtual reality into online courses, and the role of e-learning in enhancing educational processes. Additionally, participants shared experiences in adapting teaching methodologies during the pandemic. The conference underscored the significance of data analytics and large dataset processing in higher education, yet highlighted challenges such as legal and data privacy concerns, as well as the absence of adequate regulations and incentives. Recommendations were made for establishing frameworks and regulations at both institutional and governmental levels to promote the adoption of learning analytics for monitoring students’ progress and enhancing learning outcomes efficiently and effectively.

The presentations from the conference are available at:

First day
Second day