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Title of keynote speech: Full Professor

Speaker: Jelena Jovanovic

Affiliation: University of Belgrade, Department of Software Engineering

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Title of keynote speech:Deciphering Learning Traces: Insights, Challenges, and Innovations in Learning Log Analytics

Abstract: The widespread adoption of technology-supported learning and e-learning environments has yielded a rich landscape of learning-related data. In response, the field of Learning Analytics (LA) has arisen, leveraging the troves of data emanating from learner and instructor engagement with digital learning systems and tools, to enhance learning experiences and outcomes. Central to LA inquiry is the utilization of logged learning data, a ubiquitous byproduct of digital learning environments characterized by its accessibility, cost-efficiency, and unobtrusiveness. Such data holds strong promise for informing evidence-based decision-making in educational settings. However, transforming raw log data into meaningful learning indicators presents distinct challenges. These involve segmenting event sequences into meaningful learning sessions, temporally aligning data from diverse sources, and deciding on how to analyze fleeting interactions, to name but a few. Additionally, extracting insights from identified patterns often necessitates assumptions about the learning process, introducing a degree of subjectivity. This talk will provide an overview of typical LA approaches to utilizing logged learning data and delve into the methodological intricacies associated with processing of learning logs. It will also explore emerging research directions aimed at mitigating these challenges. The ultimate objective is to present approaches for working with learning traces that foster a more robust and empirically validated educational inquiry and practice.


Jelena Jovanovic is a Professor at the Department of Software Engineering, University of Belgrade, Serbia. She is also an Adjunct Professor in the Centre for the Science of Learning & Technology (SLATE) at University of Bergen, Norway, and an Adjunct Professor in the Centre for Learning Analytics at Monash (CoLAM), Monash University, Australia. Her current research focus is on the use of computational approaches, including statistical and machine learning methods and techniques, network analysis, and text analytics, towards better understanding and supporting learning, primarily self-regulated learning in higher education settings. She has extensive experience in working with log data from a variety of learning platforms and tools and using such data for identifying behavioral patterns indicative of the learners’ (cognitive and meta-cognitive) strategies. She has published numerous papers in high-ranked international peer-reviewed journals and conferences. Currently she serves as Advisor to the Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies and Editorial Board member of Journal of Learning Analytics, Journal of Educational Data Mining, and Computers & Education: Artificial Intelligence.