Conference Proceedings 2018

Belgrade Metropolitan University, Open University of the Netherlands and Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Science, organized the Eighth International Conference on eLearning 2018, held 27. – 28. September, 2017 at Belgrade Metropolitan University, Belgrade, Serbia.

The conference was inaugurated by President of the University of Metropolitan Professor Dragan Domazet and emphasized that for 13 years of its existence, Metropolitan University has reached the quality of the educational system of an institution, which from the very beginning represents the e-learning learning system.

Experts from international universities from Scotland, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Sweden, the Netherlands, Spain and Italy gave excellent presentations related to distance learning. The focus was on the benefits of e-learning, e-grading, e-learning for students with disabilities and e-learning in companies.
This year, a workshop on the Erasmum + project Introduction of Part-Time and Short Cycle Studies in Serbia – PT & SCHE (link was held as part of the conference, where project partners presented their results of the pilot program.

Metropolitan University was the first in the region to start teaching distance education, where in 2005 it received a license from the Ministry of Education, thanks to state-of-the-art technologies it applies. This method of learning resulted in a unique program of advanced academic and professional studies.