Travel Arrangements and Accommodations

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Hotels in Belgrade

Belgrade Art hotel (4 star hotel)
Link to Hotel “Art”
Google maps directions
Hotel Zira Belgrade (4 star, top of the range)
Link to Hotel “Zira Belgrade”
Google maps directions


Information on public transportation

The best way to use public transport in terms of getting yourself to the conference/meeting is to catch the bus from the “Republic Square” in downtown Belgrade. Focus on the bus lines: 24, 79. These lines will take you to the last stop to the Metropolitan University, Tadeusa Koscuska 63.

Do not hesitate to contact us about helping you get to the conference/meeting when you are around Belgrade, we are more than happy to help. The e-mail and number are listed below, and we will be available to answer any question, regarding guidelines for arrival to the Belgrade Metropolitan University.
For information on public transportation and various lines and times visit:

Taxis can be found throughout the city at various checkpoints or called on: 
+381 11 19801 – Beogradski taxi
+381 11 19802 – Žuti taxi
+381 11 19803 – Pink taxi
Taxi prices are regulated and driving around the approximate city centre shouldn’t cost more than 700-800rsd (6€, 7€).

If you need transportation from the airport you can use:
Taxi services. Details can be found at the LINK.
Or public transportation.

The conference and meeting will be held at the Belgrade Metropolitan University: 
Link to Google maps, Belgrade Metropolitan University (conference venue)

For more information about Belgrade, its attractions and sights you can meet on the site, which has organized tourist tours in Belgrade:

Contact us if you need any additional information at:


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